Mesmerised by me, you are hypnotised by every part of my perfect body… You worship every inch of me. My Goddess feet. My Barbie legs. My dreamy hair. My perfect hands. My sexy lips. My bewitching voice… You adore me. My wish is your command. And here you are, at my feet, ready to spoil me, your Goddess… I am the one, the only Theodora…

I am only satisfied with the best. I have been a professional model from my youngest age and I am used to be paid to walk around in the most beautiful clothes. I find it normal to be covered in gold and champagne diamonds to my fingertips, Louboutin shoes on my feet, Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent clothes… I have the most expensive tastes. Max out your credit card with my luxury wishlist to feel totally drained and taken over by my power. Experience Findom at its finest… Be a slave to my desires!

To prove your devotion further, you will send me cash tributes by using my ATM. For a first time tribute, a minimum amount of three figures will be expected – lesser amounts will be considered silent tributes. Remember a tribute is a sacrifice you make for your Goddess. Your sacrifice has to be real to get my attention.

Nothing makes me happier than enslaving you financially. I may acknowledge gifts by posting photos on social media. Now, show me how deep you are willing to drown into and cover me, your goddess Theodora, in gold… From head… To toes…

Tribute me now by buying from my Amazon wishlists linked below, or better yet, by using my very own ATM!