Fuck you

Do I really need to explain myself here? You asked for it. Begged, even. Here you are. Take that perfectly laquered middle finger of mine, loser. Fuck you. Buy this clip on iWantClips

You’re fucked

Hey, finsub… I made this video especially for you. Yes, you. You came to me to hear it from my mouth: you’re fucked. And I’m not done yet. You bought all my videos already… You[…]


Your money looks sooo much sexier on me. And laying it at my feet feels so good… In fact, it will be the only thing that makes you happy in life, now that I have[…]

Hypno Curves

Better than brainwash, I came up with the ultimate treatment for your grey matter… Hypno Curves! I will imprint my curves in that little brain of yours permanently, using my body as a weapon of[…]

Louboutin brain reprogramming

Hello, my little bitch. Today we are going to reprogram your brain to my preferences… Yes. Because I know you go shopping for your wife and buy her Louboutin shoes. Let’s fix that: now you[…]

Feature Interview – DommeAddiction

“She is breathtakingly beautiful and as sensual and seductive as any woman you will ever experience. Today’s feature Domme is the exceptional Goddess Theodora, and she proves that a beautiful woman doesn’t need force or[…]

Your financial surrendering

You and I are now in a relationship. A financial domination relationship, in which I hold the reigns and have now total financial control over you. Mesmerized by my beauty, you can’t help but fall[…]

Melt your Mind

Look how quickly I turn your brain into mush with my divine curves and red lingerie! Your dick started to twitch right away and I haven’t taken any clothes off! That’s how weak I make[…]

Panty Pet

Hello my little bitch. I noticed how much you enjoyed my videos where I’m wearing lingerie. Especially that one with the red thong, it really drove you crazy, didn’t it? Well don’t worry… I have[…]

Suck my heels POV

Hello, dirty bitch. Let’s indulge in one of my favourite fetishes: high heels worship! You are entitled to clean them with your tongue, lucky you. Lick my soles and suck my heels like the little[…]

Make wifey pay

Hello, loser. I have a confession to make… Yes, I do. I actually met your wife. And guess what? She was actually a nice women. Too nice, even… She was so desperate to make your[…]

Buy me Loubs and die

I’m sure you noticed the price of this clip! So, yes, you understood right : this time I am using you again for your money… What Goddess wants, Goddess gets, and today I want another[…]

Poppers foot sniffing POV

Hello, loser. Tonight I will grant you a privilege. You will be allowed to smell my gorgeously scented Goddess feet. See, I have filmed already 3 clips in this outfit, so my feet are really[…]

Pay my personal trainer

Hey, loser. I’m pretty sure you noticed that I am wearing my shiny, golden gym outfit today… Yes, that’s right. There is a lucky man that will get to see me sweat in this tight,[…]