Edge to my Legs

Hey, addict… I have combined two things I’m well known for in this surreal clip… First, financial domination, which I know you discovered for the first time with my videos. Then, leg worship… Because as[…]

V-Day Seductrix JOI

Hello, my little addict… This is our Valentine’s date! Yes, lucky you… You get to jerk off to me, your one and only Valentine… But you know me… I’m not going to make it too[…]

V-Day Findom Seduction

It seems that we have a date! Yes, you and I. I have always been here for you, even though we have been separated by a computer screen, and tonight we are celebrating our… Financial[…]

V-Day Pussy Seduction

Happy Valentine’s day, my little pussy addict! I know you’ve been waiting for this very special day for a long time… And today is finally here! Feel yourself transfixed by my divine Goddess pussy, adorned[…]

Cum Countdown to my Boots

Hello, my little boot bitch. So, you want to jerk to my thigh high leather boots? I’ll let you jerk, alright. Will I let you cum this time? Mmmh, yes, but… On my terms… I[…]

Love Addiction Mesmerize JOI

Hello, addict. I know that you are madly infatuated with my divine curves and sexy voice and I’m planning to use them to deepen your addiction… I’ll seduce you into jerking off to my insanely[…]

Your dick’s funeral

I have sad news for you… Your dick is dead. Luckily, we did plan everything in case this happened… I had you put my name in your last will, and since all the decisions you[…]