Bottled Lust JOI

So you’ve been fantasizing about being manipulated and seduced into intoxication by a most perverse, French version of Barbie… It seems that your prayers will be answered this time. Whatever your poison, sit back, relax,[…]

Blackmail quickie

Were you intimidated by my previous blackmail clips? Too dangerous for you, maybe? Here’s the perfect blackmail clip for you, weakling. You know me, I love to tease you, I’ll let you jerk, even… I’m[…]


I know how much you ache for running your fingers through my magnificent mane… While this will never happen, I have decided to allow you to worship my long, freshly bleached hair with this extremely[…]

Bendy Legs Sensuality

Here is some more leg worship material for the unrepentant leg addict that you are… I know full well the effect that my perfect, gorgeous ballerina legs produce on you, and will enjoy teasing and[…]

Blackmail Slut

You’ve asked for it… Begged, even. A bit suicidal of you to come to a financial dominatrix for this kind of fetish, but here you are anyway, my little blackmail slut. Don’t say I didn’t[…]

10k Findom Challenge

For true findom addicts only! This is the financial drain you’ve been searching for all your life. You have enjoyed maxing out your credit cards for me, you loved paying me exorbitant tributes, and now[…]

Slut for Sexual Rejection JOI

So, you can’t jerk off to anyone else but a Financial Dominatrix, namely me… I know exactly why. I know exactly how your financial submissive brain is wired, I know each and every single trigger,[…]

Louboutin Feet Slut

Yes, I know how much you lust my feet. But I like my shoes perfectly cleaned, and if you really hope to get a glimpse of my sexy toes, you’d better start sucking that stiletto[…]