Many of my subs were totally new to Femdom when they came to submit to me. What may seem obvious to some more experienced subs isn’t necessarily evident for newer ones. And as if the[…]


Hypnosis, especially in Female Domination, is surrounded by myths and tends to scare off the most experienced sub. It has earned such a bad reputation that the word itself has been banned from various fetish[…]

Hyp-Chastity: The Only Key

Already impatient to regain your erection after viewing my traumatizing clip “Hyp-Chastity : No cage needed”? Here’s the key you’ve begged me for… Oh, just thought you’d want to know… I’ll just implant another anchor[…]

Finsub Trigger

I like my financial slaves wrapped around my little finger, and ready to obey my commands at the snap of my fingers. Which is why I will be implanting a finger snap trigger in your[…]

Edge or Swallow

Everything is in the title! Edge to my painfully perfect curves, as I taunt and tease you with my thigh high leopard boot clad model legs, firm ass and superior, unattainable Goddess pussy, making it[…]


You hate me. You really do. Because I don’t care about you… Only about your hard earned ca$h, which, let’s be honest, I will soon have forgotten about, the minute someone else tributes me a[…]