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CLIP: Cuckold Jerk & Pay JOI

Let’s put what you have learned into pratice now… You will jerk and pay as I tease and torment you with my hot body, forced to listen to my very graphic narrations of my sex adventures… Compensating for your inadequacy with your hard earned cash, as it should be! What’s more arousing, the shame or the financial ruin?



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CLIP: Body Language

Let yourself get entranced by my mesmerizing dance… A must-have clip for all my devoted worshipers.



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Marketwatch interview about #Crypto4Theo

I was recently interviewed by MarketWatch to speak about my crypto-domination website #Crypto4Theo and the story behind it. Read the entire feature on MarketWatch.com


MarketWatch: How long have you been working as a financial dominatrix?

Theodora: It’s been around eight years now but my online presence is quite recent. I was doing really well with very niche clientele, but now I have the ability to make it more mainstream. Thanks to social media, I can reach people who wouldn’t previously dare to delve into financial domination but now they can try it to some extent.


MarketWatch: When did you decide to start taking cryptocurrency?

Theodora: In this business of domination, it’s common for dominatrixes to take crypto payments. We cannot take PayPal because they blacklist sex workers. I have been making my clients mine for me for a couple of years.


MarketWatch: What is your crypto slave farm?

Theodora: It is a little tool where people use the resources of your computer to mine [cryptocurrency] for me from a distance. So even though it might be a tiny amount, I have quite a lot of traffic on my website so it adds up quite nicely.


MarketWatch: How do you make money in cryptocurrencies?

Theodora: I take donations and also have people mining for me. I take a lot of geek clients who like new technology and they were really excited when I taught them how to build a mining rig for me so they could mine 24/7 from their home.


MarketWatch: What other kinds of cryptocurrencies do you own?

Theodora: I have seven or eight different currencies — I see it a bit like play money and try to adjust to which is growing the most. If you anticipate growth, that’s where it will become interesting. Everyone is now interested in bitcoin because the growth has been exponential. Soon it will be too high for individuals to invest in, so you have to invest in others. I think it’s smart to have diverse portfolios of currency.


MarketWatch: Do you cash out your crypto or hold it?

Theodora: I hold it but it depends on the currency — I have my favorite currencies that I am betting on. Bitcoin could crash in two days, you don’t know what’s going to happen, so if you have enough to invest in smaller currency you should.
For me, it’s play money. You have to bet on several currencies to see what will happen, and if it’s your main source of income you have to be smart with it.


MarketWatch: How do you decide what to invest in? Do you have a background in finance?

Theodora: Funnily enough I learned via my clients because lots of them are high profile businessmen, so they know about money.


MarketWatch: How do you decide what to do with your clients’ money?

Theodora: Relinquishing control from them is not just them paying me — it is me holding their credit card, having access to their bank accounts, and determining how much they need to live and how much I can take from them. I need to put them right on the limit. The point of financial domination isn’t about taking everything they have and leaving them on the street — the fetish is controlled and consensual.


MarketWatch: Do you have to budget [for your clients?] then?

Theodora: It does involve a lot of budgeting. I have to ask them how much their mortgage is, how much they go out, and if it’s too often maybe we can cut out these expenses. Sometimes they realize they were spending on very futile things and they thank me for it.


MarketWatch: What is the biggest risk in the future of bitcoin?

Theodora: I’m a little wary of what is happening with net neutrality and regulation. If they regulate bitcoin we may have to buy more litecoin or monero. It’s moving all the time so you always have to think ahead. As long as people are creative with crypto and business in general they’re going to be fine.


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CLIP: Anything For My Legs

Is there any better feeling in the world than being totally enslaved, blackmailed and ruined by my magnificent legs? Than jerking your freedom and finances away, to my sexy bare legs, adorned by these outrageously expensive Tom Ford gold stiletto sandals? Can an orgasm be that dangerous? The thrill-seeker that you are cannot help but stroke, just to see… Mindlessly becoming mesmerized, triggered, and ruined…

An intense, genuine Ericksonian hypnosis video, using powerful anchors and seduction technique, including NLP, finger snaps, and a cum countdown. Contains a trigger (anchor) from my clips Finsub Trigger and Finsub Trigger Orgasmic Activation. It is recommended to view these videos prior to this one for deeper effects and a more intense orgasmic bliss…

WARNING: I will not be held responsible for feelings of addiction and dependency resulting from viewing this clip, or for physiological or psychosomatic transformations that might occur after watching this video. This video isn’t recommended for those with mental illnesses such as (but not limited to) depression. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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CLIP: My Sex Life Is Better Than Yours

Oh hi, cuckie! I have been quite sexually active lately, and I’m sure you’re dying to hear about my new studs… How they make me moan of pleasure, filling my pussy with their huge BBC, while you are watching my clips all alone, as an inadequate and sexually impotent cuckold… Shall I go on?



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CLIP: Last JOI Before Chastity

You’d better really enjoy every second of this one, because it will be your last… I’m putting you in chastity afterwards. Don’t worry, it will be quick…



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CLIP: Erotic Extortion #1

You know why I’m so good at blackmail? Because I make it so incredibly erotic that you will just surrender anything for me… Including what is most precious to you… Let’s see how far that will take you…



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CLIP: Legs, legs, legs

Legs, legs, legs, just legs, only legs!



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CLIP: I Don’t Love You

A simple reminder of the painful truth of your unrequited love. I was just using you for your money…

You may watch this video after viewing one or several of my love addiction clips.



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Financial Domination is undoubtedly one of the most infamous of all fetishes. With the exponential growth encountered by the online domination scene, #Findom has become one of the first kinks on Twitter, making it the second most popular kinky hashtag after #Femdom, and surprisingly, before #BDSM and #Fetish, and is in the top three most represented fetishes along with Female Domination or Cuckolding on clips sites such as Clips4sale and iWantClips. Has Findom become something mainstream? And what does a financial submissive do apart from… Paying?

How does Financial Domination work?

Like in every form of domination (Female domination, Hypnotic domination, Psychological Domination, and so on), Financial domination is a kink based on a power exchange, where the submissive relinquishes control over his finances to his Financial Dominatrix (Findomme). Of course, whenever there is a transfer of power, there is an interaction between the submissive and the dominant. Be it during a real time session or via messages for long distance D/s relationship, this interaction is a prerequisite to any findom relationship as it allows the two protagonists to define the boundaries of the transfer of power, as well as validate consent. Without this interaction, there is no domination. While this might seem obvious, it is still common to encounter fetish enthusiasts who will mistake monetary tributes or tips for Financial Domination. While it is perfectly fine (and much appreciated) to send money (or buy gifts) to your domme outside of a fetish transaction or of a payment for a session, whatever the amount, this doesn’t qualify as financial domination because it doesn’t entail a power exchange. Rather, it is simply a gift, showing devotion and appreciation to your domme. It isn’t rare for successful dominatrices to be showered in gifts and money from their submissives, and they will make the difference between gifts – that don’t require anything from them in return, and financial domination – which requires actual work from them… Similarly, a payment for your session or for a fetish item doesn’t necessarily qualify as financial domination, whatever the amount: outside of the context of a transfer of power, it is just that: a payment for a fetish item or for a session.


Is Financial Domination expensive?

Just like pink furry handcuffs are now readily available in every lingerie shop and not just in specialized stores, you will be able to find amateur findommes on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram accepting two to three figures tributes very easily. One might say that pink furry handcuffs don’t exactly qualify as BDSM nor domination, but I would argue that while it certainly isn’t typical of elite, professional domination, it still does seem to add plenty of spice to some vanilla couples’ sex lives… Same goes for dominettes, as I call them. True, they aren’t full-time professional BDSM experts, and some of them have simply jumped on the band wagon of findom for obvious reasons, but they may still help you spice up your sex life as a findom-curious submissive and this could be a way for you to enjoy a bit of the fantasy without actually delving into true financial domination, thus avoiding any kind of damage to your finances – although the thrill of paying which you might have been looking for will be proportionally less intense… If, on the contrary, you are looking to push your limits, a professional financial dominatrix might be best suited for you. As a world-class, elite financial dominatrix, my tribute is on the higher side. I still accept paypigs of any income, but it is to be noted that my sessions are for a select clientele only and I will only accept new finsubs who meet certain income requirements or under certain specific conditions – contact me to apply and discuss further.


Finsub, paypig, moneyslave… Who does what?

There are only so many ways to define oneself as a financial submissive, but even within financial domination, there are different ways to submit and different aspects of the fetish that one may be attracted to. Here are a few suggested definitions to help you find yourself within this fetish.

Finsub: This is a contraction of Financial Submissive. This is probably the most general term and is the one I use the most to qualify my own subs. “Finsub” suggests there is a power exchange, and that the protagonist is submitting within his chosen boundaries.

Moneyslave: Unlike the financial submissive, a slave is expected to (financially) surrender completely to his findomme. The relationship is one of Total Power Exchange. A slave isn’t allowed to have desires nor express them, unlike the submissive; he will be treated as a property. Not everyone has the privilege to be my moneyslave, it is a term that I reserve for very special people with whom I have a very unique relationship.

Human ATM: One way to financially surrender to a findomme is to become her human ATM for her to use. The term was first used to describe finsubs who do real time cashmeets (they withdraw a certain amount of money from an ATM only to tribute it to their domme), but it is now common to call a human ATM any finsub who is summoned by his domme only to get money from him, whether online or real time. His sole purpose is to tribute.

Paypig: A paypig is a submissive who finds pleasure in being used to pay his findomme’s bills, be it utility bills, rent, gas, manicure/pedicure, clothing, or anything else! The payment for a findomme’s bill is commonly referred to as tribute. Most paypigs have other fetishes than just findom, which is why I like to assign my bills to paypigs who have a weakness or fetish related to said bill. For example, a hair fetishist paypig will be given my hair salon bill, a foot fetishist paypig will be given my pedicure bill, and a cuckold paypig will be given my dinner date bill…

As a side note, I would like to emphasize that I do not accept “wishlist pigs”. I use my wishlist as a reward for my loyal subs, and I will only indulge your fetish of buying me lingerie, heels or sexy gifts after you have proven your financial devotion to me with your consistency and loyalty, which is why my luxury wishlist is private and only accessible to the members of The Only Cult.


Taking it further…

We have established that Financial Domination entails control. Depending on what your limits are, and how you define yourself within financial domination, several means of control over your finances can be used. This ranges from debt contracts, joint bank accounts, consensual financial blackmail, what I call cardholding (like keyholding, but in this case your chastity key is replaced by your credit card), TeamViewer, to real time sessions, such as cashmeets, shopping sessions my way (as in… Findom shopping sessions, as opposed to sugar baby shopping sessions) or loser datescontact me to apply and discuss all of these in detail.


So… What finsub are you?



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