Feature Interview – DommeAddiction

“She is breathtakingly beautiful and as sensual and seductive as any woman you will ever experience. Today’s feature Domme is the exceptional Goddess Theodora, and she proves that a beautiful woman doesn’t need force or cruelty to get men to obey them. This gorgeous Goddess uses her exquisite beauty and allure to enslave men, bringing them to their knees willingly in an effort to please the unattainable. She will seduce you and break you. She’ll take everything from you, leaving you with the knowledge that you have knelt before the absolute best. This may be the most sensual and erotic of features I have ever put together. Goddess Theodora warned me her introductory video might be more than I could handle. She didn’t warn me about her answer to my final question. That response will haunt me as I ache for her for a VERY long time. Enjoy her intelligent responses to my questions, her beautiful images she so graciously shared with me, and fall under her spell. You can’t imagine how good it feels to serve and worship Goddess Theodora, but you soon will.”

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