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Wallet H7pno Loop – Custom mp3 for Cuckie

A custom mp3 file I have recorded espescially for my moneyslave “Cuckie”. He spent over $5k for the privilege.

This is his very own, custom ericksonian hypnosis loop, containing all the moneyslave affirmations needed for his training, that he listens to every night before sleeping. His nickname “Cuckie” is used throughout the file. The style is sensual, relaxing, inducing a light, pleasant trance. Perfect before bedtime. Can be used as an induction for other hypnosis mp3s – Order your custom hypno mp3 from me on CoutureFemdomClips.com

Duration: 14:46
Contains: crystal-clear, professional quality audio, binaural tones, genuine ericksonian hypnosis.
Do not listen to this file while driving, or operating machinery of any kind, this could be dangerous as this file will induce a state of trance.



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CLIP: Virgin Slave Brainwash

Now that you are my slave, your sexual experiences are no longer necessary. Let me free you of the weight of your past sexual memories and turn you into a perfect brainwashed virgin slave, ready to be molded to my (financial?) desires and used as I please…

WARNING: An intense, genuine Ericksonian hypnosis session, proved extremely efficient on my real time subs. I will not be held responsible for feelings of addiction and dependency resulting from viewing this clip, or for physiological or psychosomatic transformations that might occur after watching this video. This video isn’t recommended for those with mental illnesses such as (but not limited to) depression. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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CLIP: Cum Dumpster Brainwash + CEI

You’ve always dreamed about becoming a true cum dumpster, haven’t you? Let me brainwash you into becoming the true cum slut you’ve always craved to be! With my expert hypnosis skills, you will experience an intense hunger for cum and will actually be able to taste and feel cum in your mouth as you listen to my voice… You even get to swallow your own cum after a mind-blowing, hyp-induced orgasm! I bet you’re salivating already…

WARNING: A genuine, intense Ericksonian hypnosis video, that you will want to play over and over for longer-lasting (if not permanent…) results. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the psychological and psychosomatic consequences resulting from viewing this clip. This video isn’t recommended for those with mental illness such as (but not limited to) depression.



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CLIP: Melt your Mind

Look how quickly I turn your brain into mush with my divine curves and red lingerie! Your dick started to twitch right away and I haven’t taken any clothes off! That’s how weak I make you, loser… With my charms, french accent, sensual moves and insane curves, this clip is guaranteed to brainwash you!

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