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CLIP: Hyp-Edging loop

The perfect loop for all my edging addicts! Sit back, relax, play this clip on repeat and let my sensuous voice guide you… Are you ready to be brought to the brink of orgasm, over and over, relentlessly, as I tease and taunt you with the kinkiest suggestions?

A genuine, intense Ericksonian hypnosis session with added suggestions of feminization and mild gay encouragement. The style is playful and extremely sensual. Ideal for the gay-curious or sissy-curious who aren’t ready yet to undergo full-blown feminization or forced gay hypnosis sessions! WARNING: I will not be held responsible for feelings of addiction or dependency resulting from viewing this clip, nor for psychological or psychosomatical transformations that might occur after prolonged exposure. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.



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CLIP: Edge to my Legs

Hey, addict… I have combined two things I’m well known for in this surreal clip… First, financial domination, which I know you discovered for the first time with my videos. Then, leg worship… Because as you know, I have worked as a model. A leg model, actually. Maybe you didn’t know my face before… But you knew my legs for sure. They were all over the boxes of your wife’s stockings and pantyhose… These legs you were fantasizing about for so long now have an angelic face to match! What a privilege to stroke to these perfect pins of mine… An expensive privilege, actually, because it comes with a price…

This clip is part of my Findom leg fetish series, along with the clips My Legs Own You, My Loubs Own Your Wallet and Under My Soles

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CLIP: Edge to my Clit Piercing

Hey there, loser. I can’t believe you paid that much money not to see my clit piercing! No, because tonight, the only thing you will be allowed to do, is to pay, and watch my diamonds through the lace as I play with myself and tease you with them… I’ll let you stroke, but you can’t cum this time… If you do, you will have to buy this video again!

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