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CLIP: Cock Hyp-Anesthesia

Following the success of my clip “Hyp-Chastity: No cage needed”, I have decided to grant you with… Sensory deprivation! Let me own you, your cock, and most importantly, your sensations: your pleasure, if you prefer! And as I taught you before… Your pleasure depends on my good will. Therefore, it is time for you to succomb to my words, as I anesthetize your cock, depriving you of any sensations… But for how long? Buy this clip and find out… At your own risk!

A genuine, dangerous hypnosis video, beautifully combining Ericksonian hypnosis and Elmanian hypnosis. Dave Elman was a pioneer in hypnotic anesthesias during surgeries, although he was later more renowned for his direct techniques that forged classical hypnosis. It is one of my favourite techniques to use and I am proud to share it with you – and use it on you! – in a Femdom context…

WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the psychological and psychosomatic consequences resulting from viewing this clip. This video isn’t recommended for those with mental illness such as (but not limited to) depression.



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