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CLIP: Pay my toes

You know your place of course, and I’ll remind you what your purpose is… Look at my sexy, sweaty toes, full of dirt and dust, wiggling and pointing before your face. You’re just a wallet to me, and I’m a Goddess in sky-high, black patent YSL Tribtoo stiletto heels to you…



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CLIP: Feet-nosis

For all my foot bitches and hypno sluts… Your wish has been granted. Who needs a pendant when all I need to do is to dangle my patent red high heels to induce you into the most arousing trance… What will become of you?
An intense, genuine hypnosis video, beautifully combining the sensuality of Ericksonian technique and the fascinating power of classical Elmanian pendulum inductions… Use at your own risk!



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CLIP: Swallow for my feet JOI CEI

I’m quite the expert when it comes to high heels tease and dangling… There’s no need for sophisticated hypnosis techniques when all I have to do is dangle my gorgeous, crystallized Louboutin So Kate 120 pumps in your face! Follow my jerk off instructions to the letter and I will let my high heels fall down so you can worship my magnificent feet… I know how much you love when I wiggle and point my sexy painted toes at you… Just do as I say…



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CLIP: Edge to my Goddess Feet JOI

This clip is a must-buy for all my foot bitches, high heels addicts and dangling fans! Watch me tease and torment you as I relentlessly dangle my Louboutin Pigalle 120 pumps until I decide to make them fall, wiggle and point my sexy painted Goddess toes while I instruct you to jerk off… But there’s a catch… No cumming today! If you do, there will be a tax of course… Can you last these 20 minutes of pure torment? Pull your dick out and let’s start…

My longest foot fetish video yet and also my personal favourite. Thank me with a 1K tribute for making this work of art!



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CLIP: Swallow for my legs JOI CEI

You would do anything for my perfect, modelesque legs… Right? And I know how much you’ve been longing for another intense, thorough jerk off session, my little leg addict… Sit back, relax, pull your dick out, let my sensuous voice and sexy french accent guide you and just follow my commands…



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CLIP: Louboutin Payslave

I don’t care whether you’re a lawyer or a student – you could be a janitor for all I care, your job is to make sure I only wear the newest Louboutin. I’m sure you noticed, I only wear Loubs from the latest collections, or runway custom models. You’ll ruin your life and your finances so I never have to worry about wearing a pair from a past season…



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CLIP: I want her digits

How’s your wife? Have you eventually told her about our little secret? You’ve been quite evasive lately… I’m starting to think it might be better if I tell her myself. Or will you? I want her digits anyway. Don’t worry, if you do as I say, you won’t have anything to worry about… Or will you?



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CLIP: Foot Blackmail

I’m sure you know full well that I do have a huge foot fetish. Since you haven’t told your wife about our little secret… I’ll let you buy your way out of your predicament by worshipping my divine feet like they deserve. Better start sucking them toes right now…



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CLIP: Beg to be mine

No one gets the privilege of being owned by me… For free! Beg, and maybe I’ll consider your application…



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CLIP: My Loubs Own Your Wallet

Hey, my Louboutin bitch… You begged for it. Here it is… The Louboutin findom clip you’ve been wanting for so long. Because you know how weak my exquisite feet and divine legs make you when adorned by the aforementioned heels… So weak, that you can’t resist the urge to spend for them… More, and more…

This clip is part of my Findom leg fetish series, along with the clips Under My Soles, My Legs Own You and Edge To My Legs

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