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CLIP: Stupid For My Barbie Legs JOI

It’s obvious why my legs make you stupid. Years of being a leg model taught me how to spot a leg addict from miles away, and that’s exactly what you are: an addict to my perfect long, toned and sexy legs. Now show me how stupid my legs make you… Jerk to my legs, stroke like a madman and goon as you loop this clip for hours and hours… Unless you can’t last that long?



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CLIP: Slut for Sexual Rejection JOI

So, you can’t jerk off to anyone else but a Financial Dominatrix, namely me… I know exactly why. I know exactly how your financial submissive brain is wired, I know each and every single trigger, and I know that you crave sexual rejection, above all. It’s fine… I will allow you to jerk as I make my way deep inside your mind, exploring the darkest parts of this rejection fetish that you have, while you watch me tease and deny you with each and every single part of my flawless body. You’ll be jerking your ego away as I destroy it, elegantly…

This clip is a very intense hypnosis experience. My extremely sensuous voice is sure to fool you, as this clip is actually one of my most perverse and cruel sessions to date. Psychologically weakened individuals should avoid viewing this clip. I will not be held responsible for feelings of depression and shame resulting from viewing this clip.

This clip is part of my True Submission series, along with the clips Just Surrender, Blackmail Slut and Louboutin Feet Slut.

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