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CLIP: Chastised Cuck Torment

Hey cucky. I can see you swelling in your chastity cage… How badly do you want to stroke to my divine curves, in this very tight, figure hugging, shiny dress? While I will be telling you about my exciting sex life, you will remain caged here, forced to watch me torment you. Don’t think I can make it worse? I have instructions for you… Oh and by the way… Does it help if I tell you that I am not wearing any panties under my dress?



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CLIP: Totally ruined JOI

I am so generous, I have decided to allow you to jerk off to my absolutely divine figure. But it comes with a price, though… You won’t be allowed to enjoy your orgasm. Such a small price to pay to see your Only Goddess caress her every curve, in this thin, transparent mesh catsuit, teasing you relentlessly…