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CLIP: Cuckolded, Teased, Denied, Hypnotized

What if there was a way to rewire your brain and make you a true cuckold? With my expert hypnosis skills, I’ll bring you to a hands-free, ruined orgasm with an extremely intense buildup, using powerful feelings of rejection and sexual frustration to create a polarizing sexual tension. Cognitive dissonance has never felt so orgasmic…

A genuine, extremely powerful genuine Ericksonian hypnosis mindfuck, including confusion techniques, emotional manipulation and a count to (ruined) orgasm…

BONUS! I can be seen giving myself a hypnotic orgasm as I guide you to you hands-free, ruined one. Yes, sometimes the hypnotist gets carried away and goes into a trance with you… The price of the clip reflects this.


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CLIP: Totally ruined JOI

I am so generous, I have decided to allow you to jerk off to my absolutely divine figure. But it comes with a price, though… You won’t be allowed to enjoy your orgasm. Such a small price to pay to see your Only Goddess caress her every curve, in this thin, transparent mesh catsuit, teasing you relentlessly…



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CLIP: Ruined Orgasm JOI

Hello, my little slut. I made it clear in my previous clips: my pleasure is more important than yours. In fact, it always comes first. Now, let’s put this into practice! Watch me touch myself and follow my jerk off instructions to the letter and get your orgasm totally ruined as I keep on pleasing my divine Self! You’re welcome…

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