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Interview for SputnikNews

I was recently interviewed by SputnikNews to speak about sex, power and cryptocurrencies… Read the entire interview on Sputniknews.com or keep scrolling…

Sex, Power & Cryptocurrencies: Financial Dominatrix on Expensive Modern Fetish


Forget everything you know about the adult sex industry – financial domination is here to change the game, with the cryptocurrency evolution cementing the flexibility of the process. Financial dominatrix Theodora spoke to Sputnik about the role of digital money, her “cryptominers” and what it means to be in control of someone’s bank accounts.

She has been doing it for over 8 years now. Theodora, the financial dominatrix, who is originally from France and currently residing in Paris, explains that she is not a sex worker in the traditional notion of it.

“I am in a very grey area because what is sexual to my clients is not sexual to me. There is no penetrative sex, so it is hard to define my work as sex work in France. I don’t qualify for this,” she told Sputnik.

What she does do is practice financial domination with her clients who are located all over the world — politicians, CEOs, finance professionals. In other words: people with big responsibilities and even bigger pockets.


Sputnik: What does being a financial dominatrix mean?

Theodora: Financial domination is a power exchange based on the finances of the person who wants to be dominated. The tool for transferring power in this case is money. When I started to do financial domination, it wasn’t a business for me. It was a fetish game. I used to go to swingers or BDSM parties and people would submit to me — they were my play partners. Because it is financial domination, they would give me money.

My clients obviously know about money, it is so much more exciting if I take it from them. They want to feel excitement from money being taken out of their accounts but they don’t want to actually be broke. That’s the fantasy but it’s not the point. We discuss the limits with them. Everything I do I make sure it is consensual and they want it. That’s the difference between a good dominant and someone who doesn’t understand the concept. Financial domination is becoming more and more popular because it is not taboo anymore to say you are a financial dominatrix or submissive.

At first I didn’t see it as a business.


Sputnik: When did you start accepting cryptocurrency?

Theodora: I started accepting cryptocurrency as deposits. It is safer for any sex worker and it also was the case for me. It means that the person is very serious in their request. I started to get cryptocurrencies very early on, probably 5 or 6 years ago. For me these were gifts from my play partners, who would give me cryptocurrency and back then I didn’t know how much it was worth. I accepted it and created crypto-addresses where I would collect it and of course its value grew. Now I’m starting to make it a more important part of my business because growth in the value of cryptocurrency, it’s becoming interesting financially.

Now I have my own website, people can message me but I rarely meet them. I don’t need to meet them.


Sputnik: How does cryptocurrency compare to more traditional money processors in your experience?

Theodora: We can’t use processors like PayPal as adult entertainers or sex workers because they would shut down our accounts. There are clipsites that offer a way to receive tributes, but the downside is they take very big cuts, usually about 30 or 40 percent. If you are into financial domination, you are more likely to get very big sums of money, and using cryptocurrencies would get you 100% of it.

With financial domination, [we] don’t actually charge for a session. It is part of the game I have with my clients. There is a certain budget and I am within its limits. Of course, cryptocurrency evolves and its value changes, but then my rate will evolve with the client, as I am adjusting to the client’s budget at the moment.


Sputnik: How much do you make per month in cryptocurrencies and how do you spend it?

Theodora: It varies a lot. It’s usually between 5 and 20 thousand [euro], it varies a lot. There is no one month like the other.

I like to invest in smaller cryptocurrencies because [they] are the most stable ones for now. I believe that some of them will be very big later on. Everyone talks about Bitcoin and obviously it was the first and the most well-known cryptocurrency. But I feel like other cryptocurrencies will be more important in the future. I don’t have a financial background, but the funny thing is many of my clients were in finance and they talked to me and I learned from them. Now, I am teaching [my clients]. I really like Monero, which is one of the safest, it leaves no trace and doesn’t cost as much per transaction as Bitcoin. With Bitcoin you have to wait for a couple of days to get the money — that’s a long time, whereas with some others it is almost instant.


Sputnik: What is femdom hypnosis?

Theodora: Some people would like to submit but find it hard to give up control mentally. For them, the physical state of domination is not enough, that’s where hypnosis comes in. It gives them, what is called the “subspace” they want to reach. They relinquish control to me via hypnosis.


Sputnik: When you are given control of a person’s bank account as part of financial domination, what are your actions?

Theodora: It depends on the client. Some of them will be turned on by paying my bills, so I would pay my bills with their credit card. Some like to buy sexy lingerie for me, so I would shop and show them what I bought myself with their money. Some just want to see big numbers withdrawn from their accounts.

Most of the time they don’t know what turns them on, so I have to experiment and when I find what it is — that’s what I will do.


Sputnik: Do you have people mining cryptocurrencies for you?

Theodora: I make some of my clients buy mining computers, which generate calculations to create money that goes to my cryptoaccount. The number of people doing it for me evolves, but it’s at least 10-15 people.

The people that find out about me on social media wouldn’t attend swingers or fetish parties. They wouldn’t have the same budget for financial domination. I try to make financial domination more accessible to them — I would provide them with opportunities to send me smaller tributes, knowing that I would never get the same amounts as from real-time clients.


Sputnik: What are you plans for the future?

Theodora: I have a lot of projects right now. My main focus would be to continue producing videos and art related to fetish and domination.


Sputnik: Are you taxed for your work?

Theodora: My videos are taxable and in France the taxman takes a huge cut. So it is a good thing that I have financial domination going on with all the donations. Donations are not taxable, provided it is within a limit of 50,000 twice a year.



Financial Domination is undoubtedly one of the most infamous of all fetishes. With the exponential growth encountered by the online domination scene, #Findom has become one of the first kinks on Twitter, making it the second most popular kinky hashtag after #Femdom, and surprisingly, before #BDSM and #Fetish, and is in the top three most represented fetishes along with Female Domination or Cuckolding on clips sites such as Clips4sale and iWantClips. Has Findom become something mainstream? And what does a financial submissive do apart from… Paying?

How does Financial Domination work?

Like in every form of domination (Female domination, Hypnotic domination, Psychological Domination, and so on), Financial domination is a kink based on a power exchange, where the submissive relinquishes control over his finances to his Financial Dominatrix (Findomme). Of course, whenever there is a transfer of power, there is an interaction between the submissive and the dominant. Be it during a real time session or via messages for long distance D/s relationship, this interaction is a prerequisite to any findom relationship as it allows the two protagonists to define the boundaries of the transfer of power, as well as validate consent. Without this interaction, there is no domination. While this might seem obvious, it is still common to encounter fetish enthusiasts who will mistake monetary tributes or tips for Financial Domination. While it is perfectly fine (and much appreciated) to send money (or buy gifts) to your domme outside of a fetish transaction or of a payment for a session, whatever the amount, this doesn’t qualify as financial domination because it doesn’t entail a power exchange. Rather, it is simply a gift, showing devotion and appreciation to your domme. It isn’t rare for successful dominatrices to be showered in gifts and money from their submissives, and they will make the difference between gifts – that don’t require anything from them in return, and financial domination – which requires actual work from them… Similarly, a payment for your session or for a fetish item doesn’t necessarily qualify as financial domination, whatever the amount: outside of the context of a transfer of power, it is just that: a payment for a fetish item or for a session.


Is Financial Domination expensive?

Just like pink furry handcuffs are now readily available in every lingerie shop and not just in specialized stores, you will be able to find amateur findommes on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram accepting two to three figures tributes very easily. One might say that pink furry handcuffs don’t exactly qualify as BDSM nor domination, but I would argue that while it certainly isn’t typical of elite, professional domination, it still does seem to add plenty of spice to some vanilla couples’ sex lives… Same goes for dominettes, as I call them. True, they aren’t full-time professional BDSM experts, and some of them have simply jumped on the band wagon of findom for obvious reasons, but they may still help you spice up your sex life as a findom-curious submissive and this could be a way for you to enjoy a bit of the fantasy without actually delving into true financial domination, thus avoiding any kind of damage to your finances – although the thrill of paying which you might have been looking for will be proportionally less intense… If, on the contrary, you are looking to push your limits, a professional financial dominatrix might be best suited for you. As a world-class, elite financial dominatrix, my tribute is on the higher side. I still accept paypigs of any income, but it is to be noted that my sessions are for a select clientele only and I will only accept new finsubs who meet certain income requirements or under certain specific conditions – contact me to apply and discuss further.


Finsub, paypig, moneyslave… Who does what?

There are only so many ways to define oneself as a financial submissive, but even within financial domination, there are different ways to submit and different aspects of the fetish that one may be attracted to. Here are a few suggested definitions to help you find yourself within this fetish.

Finsub: This is a contraction of Financial Submissive. This is probably the most general term and is the one I use the most to qualify my own subs. “Finsub” suggests there is a power exchange, and that the protagonist is submitting within his chosen boundaries.

Moneyslave: Unlike the financial submissive, a slave is expected to (financially) surrender completely to his findomme. The relationship is one of Total Power Exchange. A slave isn’t allowed to have desires nor express them, unlike the submissive; he will be treated as a property. Not everyone has the privilege to be my moneyslave, it is a term that I reserve for very special people with whom I have a very unique relationship.

Human ATM: One way to financially surrender to a findomme is to become her human ATM for her to use. The term was first used to describe finsubs who do real time cashmeets (they withdraw a certain amount of money from an ATM only to tribute it to their domme), but it is now common to call a human ATM any finsub who is summoned by his domme only to get money from him, whether online or real time. His sole purpose is to tribute.

Paypig: A paypig is a submissive who finds pleasure in being used to pay his findomme’s bills, be it utility bills, rent, gas, manicure/pedicure, clothing, or anything else! The payment for a findomme’s bill is commonly referred to as tribute. Most paypigs have other fetishes than just findom, which is why I like to assign my bills to paypigs who have a weakness or fetish related to said bill. For example, a hair fetishist paypig will be given my hair salon bill, a foot fetishist paypig will be given my pedicure bill, and a cuckold paypig will be given my dinner date bill…

As a side note, I would like to emphasize that I do not accept “wishlist pigs”. I use my wishlist as a reward for my loyal subs, and I will only indulge your fetish of buying me lingerie, heels or sexy gifts after you have proven your financial devotion to me with your consistency and loyalty, which is why my luxury wishlist is private and only accessible to the members of The Only Cult.


Taking it further…

We have established that Financial Domination entails control. Depending on what your limits are, and how you define yourself within financial domination, several means of control over your finances can be used. This ranges from debt contracts, joint bank accounts, consensual financial blackmail, what I call cardholding (like keyholding, but in this case your chastity key is replaced by your credit card), TeamViewer, to real time sessions, such as cashmeets, shopping sessions my way (as in… Findom shopping sessions, as opposed to sugar baby shopping sessions) or loser datescontact me to apply and discuss all of these in detail.


So… What finsub are you?



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Fall into my trap…

Watch me mesmerize you with my divine curves and sensuous voice in my short film “The Manipulatrix”  
Fall into my trap…
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Starring and directed by: Theodora
Photography director: Guillaume Cosson
Style assistant: Josselin Guichard
Music: Lapalux – Don’t mean a thing
Thanks to: Le Five Hotel, Seven Hotel Paris, Hotel Angely
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CLIP: Cock Hyp-Anesthesia

Following the success of my clip “Hyp-Chastity: No cage needed”, I have decided to grant you with… Sensory deprivation! Let me own you, your cock, and most importantly, your sensations: your pleasure, if you prefer! And as I taught you before… Your pleasure depends on my good will. Therefore, it is time for you to succomb to my words, as I anesthetize your cock, depriving you of any sensations… But for how long? Buy this clip and find out… At your own risk!

A genuine, dangerous hypnosis video, beautifully combining Ericksonian hypnosis and Elmanian hypnosis. Dave Elman was a pioneer in hypnotic anesthesias during surgeries, although he was later more renowned for his direct techniques that forged classical hypnosis. It is one of my favourite techniques to use and I am proud to share it with you – and use it on you! – in a Femdom context…

WARNING: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I will not be held responsible for the psychological and psychosomatic consequences resulting from viewing this clip. This video isn’t recommended for those with mental illness such as (but not limited to) depression.



Also available on :



Abbreviations such as Femdom and Findom, contractions of Female domination and Financial domination respectively, are widely used in the BDSM world. But it seems that psychological domination, although not being exceptionally rare, doesn’t even have a nickname of its own yet. Today, a simple search for the hashtag #Psydom on Twitter or Instagram will prove quite deceiving indeed… Why not give Psydom, or psychological domination, a true and highly intriguing BDSM art, its rightful glory?

What is Psydom?

Psydom is the word resulting from the contraction of Psychological domination. Psychology is the science of the mind, therefore Psydom is the art of dominating the mind. If physical domination often requires tools, such as whips and crops, and skills to match – corporal punishment isn’t about hitting as hard as one can, and whoever tried to use a bullwhip knows how much practice it takes to master its use, psychological domination is no different. In Psydom, communication, rather than words, is the main weapon, hence the necessary knowledge of psychology, as well as various language and communication techniques. The infamous Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnosis, and non-verbal communication are some of them. Humiliation, which requires a knowledge of fetishes, could be considered as the psychological equivalent of corporal punishment, and behavioral modification or hypnosis, forms of mental bondage. Psydom comprises a vast array of skills and applications, which make for a fascinating art to master… Which is why I have chosen to become a Psydomme myself.


What does psychology do?

With psychology, it is possible to understand where fetishes take root, through Freudian symbolism for instance. An advanced knowledge of Freudian symbolism allows to make pertinent metaphors during hypnosis sessions. Psychology also helps predict and understand a specific behaviour in regard to an experienced event (behavioral psychology). Given that fetishes are often formed from an experienced event, not only the Psydomme would understand the particular fetish of a psysub, but she would be able to carry the whole session in a safe manner while being in the right direction, as she would know what reactions or emotions she would trigger. Obviously, this is an extremely valuable asset for dominatrices who want to truly be in control during the session.

Similarly to physical domination, psychological domination isn’t without risks and the potential damage, although less visible is very real and solid knowledge of behavioral psychology is essential to prevent it. During a session (this is particularly true for hypnosis sessions), it is possible for the sub to experience trauma stimulus (or trauma trigger), the resurfacing of repressed memories of a traumatic event, although this tends to be rare and easily avoided, when using safety anchors or suggestions beforehand for example. Exactly like for bondage during a physical domination session, safety is of utmost importance in psychological domination, and a skilled Psydomme will always make a point taking care of it.


The power of non-verbal communication

If knowledge of psychology is essential in order to be a successful Psydomme, it also requires both verbal and non-verbal advanced communication skills. Neuro Linguistic Programming, a science based on words and the daughter of Ericksonian hypnosis, may have gained popularity amongst dominatrices, but using it on its own would result in a very poor Psydom experience for the psysub, since verbal communication is believed to account for only about 7 percent of interpersonal communication… Which means that about 93% of interpersonal communication is actually non-verbal! Non-verbal communication includes kinesics (body movements), posture, proxemics (the distance between two subjects), para-language (tone of voice, speed of speech), and eye contact. In this era of technology, video, be it clips or Skype sessions, allows for great Psydom relationships, long distance or not, since it conveys most of the non-verbal communication previously impossible to carry through phone domination, not to mention outside of a real time session. I, myself use video a lot – my custom clips especially are highly in demand – with great success in developing a profound, intimate connection with my subs.


Taking it further

Those seeking intense sensations know it well: nothing beats real life domination sessions. Beyond the evident overwhelming feeling that meeting your domme can provoke, being able to breathe the same air comes with a few other privileges: the scent of her perfume or even the touch of her nails grazing your skin if you are lucky, for example. These may seem like tiny details at first, but the feeling of expectation will amplify them tremendously, and they will carry a much greater significance given the exceptional character of the encounter. An experienced Psydomme would know exactly how to make use of this…

If psydom sessions don’t allow any kind of sexual contact, this doesn’t mean there will not be any non-sexual contact either. In fact, that non-sexual contact can be another extremely powerful form of communication, or if you prefer, another way to convey strong suggestions to you and manipulate you further! Dating coaches and pick up artists know it well, non-sexual touch, “kino”, as they call it, can be a true weapon of seduction. If used the right way, it can also convey power! I happen to be the daughter of a psychologist and hypnotherapist who wrote various books on the subject and have had the privilege of learning these techniques as they were being researched – I do offer coaching sessions in Paris if you’re an aspiring Psydomme looking to develop your communication skills, body language and NLP technique (contact me for details).

All these fascinating techniques are what transcends a Psydom relationship and turn a real time psydom session into an intense, exhilarating experience. The ultimate step towards true submission, daring to live your fantasies in the flesh will enable you to embrace your deepest desires and concretize psychological transformations that you never thought you were capable of…

Are you ready to take the plunge? Book your real time session with me now or make your fantasy come true by ordering a custom clip!



This text is the exclusive property of The Only Theodora™, © June 2017.
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Many of my subs were totally new to Femdom when they came to submit to me. What may seem obvious to some more experienced subs isn’t necessarily evident for newer ones. And as if the Femdom etiquette wasn’t complicated enough, even dommes themselves often seem confused as to which title they should go by, unsure of how to act accordingly, resulting in even more confused subs… So, how do you refer to a domme? How to be a good sub? What should you avoid to do so you don’t come across as rude? How do you truly submit?

How should I refer to you?

My name is Theodora. Goddess is my title. Which means most people will call me Theodora, except you: you will refer to me as Goddess Theodora, or simply Goddess. It may sound obvious, but even outside of a Dominant/Submissive relationship, mistakes are often made. For example, I have seen publications about me referring to me as “Goddess Theodora”. This is understandable when the article is written by a sub, otherwise people outside of a D/S relationship with me should simply refer to me as Theodora. I am French, and nicknames aren’t really a thing where I am from, so by all means, avoid calling me Theo unless I gave you my permission to do so, which is very unlikely to happen if you are a sub. Nicknames are reserved for close friends.


Goddess, Queen, Princess, Mistress… Who does what?

Subs should always use their domme’s title, capitalized, when referring to them. Don’t try using any other title that you fancy: even though your intentions are good, it may come across as rude to do so. While some dommes go by the title “Princess”, in which case it is required from you to refer to them as such, any domme whose title is “Goddess”, “Queen” or “Empress” will most likely take “Princess” as an insult. Not that a “Princess” is worth less than a “Goddess”…

The difference lies in their personality and how the power exchange is viewed: a Princess will have demands, and wants to be spoiled. A Goddess, rather than being spoiled, expects to be worshipped, hence the notion of tributes. It’s a matter of vocabulary. “Princess” conveys possible notions of brattiness and youth, it often has a lolita vibe to it. “Mistress” is a different story : it conveys notions of closeness and/or intimacy, of seduction even, which is why it is a popular title amongst BDSM dommes who engage in the most intimate practices in physical domination, such as pegging, for example. “Goddess”, on the contrary, conveys notion of inaccessibility, of idealism. It also entails a strong, iconic imagery. Don’t expect the same practices from a Goddess than from a Mistress. Also, if a Mistress doesn’t always have a face in order to protect her privacy, a Goddess on the opposite, capitalizes on her physical attributes. She is the icon of her own cult.

Now, the number of titles that you will come across in the scene is ever-growing, but these are the titles you are most likely to encounter. I, myself, have elected to be a Goddess. I will tolerate to be approached as “Majesty”, but you will be expected to correct yourself and call me by the right title when further interacting with me. “Princess” or “Mistress”, on the other hand, will not be considered acceptable. Making sure you are calling your domme by the right title is a great first step into submitting.


I want to become your slave, Goddess!

At least, you got the title right… But now, you need to understand the difference between a sub and a slave. We all know what true slavery is: History has shown us how serious it could get. Slavery to Female Dominants is no different, except for one thing… It is consensual. A slave gives up his right to choose: he will be expected to obey without question. His only purpose is to serve. He doesn’t expect anything in return. It’s a one-way relationship. A slave doesn’t get to “want” anything, he will not make demands. He will totally surrender to his domme, who then becomes responsible for his safety. He belongs to her, she owns him. A sub is a person who wishes to engage in a Dominant/Submissive relationship, where he will get to explore fetishes in the role of… The submissive, obviously. He will be listened to by the dominant, who will decide whether to grant his possible requests or not, depending of their own fetishes. Again, that may sound obvious, but the number of subs coming to me introducing themselves as slaves, only to make demands, negotiate or question my orders at the first opportunity is high enough to be worth an article. Knowing what you really want out of domination start with knowing how to define yourself first.


How do I approach you? What is a good slave?

You exist to make my existence better. I already have everything I want, the only thing I can never get enough of is, you guessed it, money. I have enough shoes or clothes I don’t need already, therefore buying me sexy gifts is a privilege reserved to my owned moneyslaves. It shows affection rather than devotion. A good sub/slave knows this and will show his devotion by tributing consistently. I’m sure you noticed that I already have many devoted finsubs and that I am highly in demand, consequently, only real sacrifice will get you noticed. Approach respectfully with a monetary tribute that reflects your motivation to be owned by me.


I want to do real time sessions… What do you do and how much do you charge?

I am sure you are aware that I specialize in financial domination. But it would be more accurate to say that I specialize in psychological domination, as opposed to physical domination. My real time sessions consist essentially of Femdom hypnosis, foot and shoe worship, spit/smoke fetish, cashmeets, shopping sprees… And Contractual Financial Domination (terms will only be discussed in private). Real time sessions are mostly reserved for my finsubs and owned financial slaves, who have proven consistent with their tithes and tributes. Which is why I don’t charge a fixed price for sessions: they are a part of the findom relationship I have with my subs, and as such, how much I will ask for a session will vary: my moneyslaves are expected to do their best in terms of financial sacrifice for me. If you aren’t one of my subs yet and really want to meet me, don’t expect it to be cheap. I will expect real sacrifice from you. Never ask me “how much”. If it doesn’t hurt, it probably isn’t enough. If you want a fixed price, you should order a custom clip from me instead. That will get you noticed.


What is financial domination?

I get asked about financial domination many times a day, by subs and aspiring dommes alike. This fetish takes root in psychological domination. It’s only a different way of viewing power exchange, where money is the fetish. Basically, the financial sub surrenders his finances to his domme, or he will let his domme take control of them, as a way to give up his financial freedom. No wonder the number of findommes in the scene is ever-growing… Although it may sound like easy money for the aspiring findomme, true financial domination requires both profound knowledge of psychology and experience in female domination. Moreover, financial domination rarely exists on its own. Rather, it is only one fetish among many others.


Ready to submit? Contact me to surrender to your Only Goddess…



This text is the exclusive property of The Only Theodora™, © April 2017.
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Hypnosis, especially in Female Domination, is surrounded by myths and tends to scare off the most experienced sub. It has earned such a bad reputation that the word itself has been banned from various fetish clip websites, who prefer to avoid any argument with credit card companies, or so they say. Can hypnosis really make you do anything? Does it work on everyone? Is hypnosis that dangerous?

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is actually everywhere. It exists in many shapes and forms, from very simple suggestions to highly sophisticated programmations. It can be a conversational mode, or it can be a therapeutic session. At school, the best teachers you have had were natural hypnotists: they build rapport, validate a concern, rephrase and reframe, add kinaesthetic imagery, find your resources, and help you build on it. When going on a date, maybe you’ve found yourself entranced, mesmerized by your date: he or she has, deliberately or not, been building rapport with you, using kinaesthetic, maybe even sexual imagery, and rewarding (consciously or not) signs of compliance from you. Seduction is a form of hypnosis, and a very powerful one at that. Maybe you have actually been using hypnosis yourself when trying to seduce someone… Knowing how powerful these simple forms of hypnosis can be, it’s only logical to think that more advanced forms of hypnosis, such as Ericksonian hypnosis or Neuro Linguistic Programming, would allow deep transformations and intense sensations when combined with knowledge of human psychology.


Can hypnosis make me do anything?

Here’s the thing. Hypnosis only works if you want it to. Hypnosis shows you the possible paths and can help you find the mental strength to open a door for something. But in the end, it’s always your choice to follow that path or not, to go through that door or just leave it closed. Remember that friend of yours who tried hypnosis to quit smoking, and told you it didn’t work? That was because deep down, he or she never really wanted to quit in the first place. So no, hypnosis won’t turn you into a weak mindless puppet against your will. And no, you can’t be persuaded to empty your bank account if you didn’t want to do it in the first place. Which is why the ban of hypnosis on some websites is useless: not only hypnosis is everywhere in various forms, but it will never make you do anything you don’t ACTUALLY want to do. It is not hypnosis that is dangerous… It’s what YOU intend to do with it that is, how far YOU are willing to go… Provided you found an hypnotist who agreed to help you go there, and who you can trust. Femdom hypnosis is exactly like everything else in BDSM. It has to be consensual. And your domme will always make sure of the safety of anything you decide to engage in. In the end, you are the one deciding… That’s the beauty of it. The resources are in your mind already, and the hypnotist only sheds light on them.


So… Can I be an hypnotist too?

We all are hypnotists, to some extent. But to be able to use it with everyone, in any situation and for any specific concern, it takes years of daily practice and a solid knowledge of psychology. In the Femdom world, there has always been a fascination for hypnosis, but very few dominatrices have the professional training and knowledge to actually be able to use it in their sessions. Femdom hypnosis is an advanced form of hypnosis, and you can’t run before you’ve learned to walk first. When using hypnosis for specific needs, you will have to structure your session using an appropriate induction, to engage visualisation using specific words… You will have to know how to adapt to the type of personality you are working with, which is were psychology comes in handy. True hypnosis cannot be scripted, just like seduction can’t either. Just saying the “right lines” won’t get you anywhere if you don’t adapt to the client or build rapport… Which is why it is so difficult to find great femdom hypnosis videos online: the hypnotist will have to use different techniques and find ways to compensate for the lack of direct feedback or communication.


How do I know it will work on me?

You have to find an hypnotist you trust with their skills and abilities. Although the title “hypnodomme” is used by everyone and their brother, it is easy to spot a true hypnotist. Go read their websites. A true hypnotist is very unlikely to use swirl effect filters while wiggling their assets to the camera – not that there is anything wrong with it… Although you might want to get the real deal rather than paying for no results. You will easily be able to tell if they are just selling the fantasy or if they are clinically trained and experimented. I always use this image : hypnosis works like Shibari, the Japanese art of ropes. You can be a beginner, and do simple tricks, simple knots, like with erotic hypnosis, which can already make an impression if done right. Or you can be a skilled professional, and play more dangerous games… But it takes years and years of practice to master these more advanced, riskier techniques. Since you’re reading this, I’m guessing you are willing to play with fire…


Hypnosis videos seem long, boring even… Do I have to view them several times?

Not at all… In fact, you will notice that my videos are quite short compared to more classic, vanilla hypnosis files. Because in BDSM we are playing with darkest, deepest desires that would normally be worked against, it is then far easier to develop and implant concepts in less time than usually required when using hypnosis for therapeutic purpose. Noticed how quickly you can get a bad habit, and how long it takes you to get rid of it? That principle is the foundation for all my Femdom hypnosis videos… You can always view a clip you like several times, for deeper effects, but unlike with vanilla hypnosis it isn’t a necessity at all with my videos.


I have a request regarding custom hypnosis

My website is ever expanding, but in case you haven’t found the hypnosis video you are looking for yet, submit a custom clip request here, or message me for suggestions. If I believe it would benefit my clientele, I might release something that caters to your hypnotic needs… It is also possible to arrange a real time session (mostly in Paris) or a Skype session with me. This privilege is mostly reserved to my long term subs, but I might indulge your fantasy if you have a financial domination fetish…



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