I am Theodora, the ultimate Financial Dominatrix, French Seductress and Manipulatrix… Be it the deep blue eyes, the venetian blonde mane, the ballerina legs or the soft voice and sexy French accent, they make you fall hard into my financial domination trap…


How did such a beautiful creature become a Goddess, you ask…

I was born a little Parisian princess. As a child, I would always get what I wanted, and that natural talent grew into an irresistible power over men even though I wasn’t yet a woman.

My career as a professional dancer started when I was as young as 6 – I was a “child artist” whose contracts were signed by my forcibly willing parents, and I was soon to become principal in the companies I worked in when I reached 15 years old. I had already toured across the Atlantic many times. It didn’t take long before photographers notice my perfect ballerina legs and slender figure. I then became a professional model, and started to use my sensuality and feminine power in nude photo shoots for magazines, even though I was often lying on my age… But nothing, it seems, could ever stop me from doing whatever I wanted!

And it didn’t stop here! I was actually only getting started… My natural dominance was soon to propel me to the head of the artistic direction of various projects, which ranged from becoming a choreographer to becoming both the model and photographer on many commissioned photoshoots for magazines. I was living the dream : runways for lingerie brands, dancing in music videos while shooting some dance clips for my personal portfolio, becoming lead singer of a rock band… And of course, partying like a rockstar was part of the package.

I then realised how easily I got men literally at my feet refering to me as Goddess at parties and started making tremendous amounts of money dominating them at fetish events of all sorts. I was draining wallets and bank accounts in seconds, and the best part is that all my victims were not only consenting to it, but actually asking for it, on their knees, begging for more! I became a Queen of wallet rinsing, started to get paypigs to pay for my every bill… And it was never enough. I always wanted more presents, more money, more power! Financial domination was obviously more than a natural talent: it was my specialty!