Wallet H7pno Loop – Custom mp3 for Cuckie

A custom mp3 file I have recorded espescially for my moneyslave “Cuckie”. He spent over $5k for the privilege.

This is his very own, custom ericksonian hypnosis loop, containing all the moneyslave affirmations needed for his training, that he listens to every night before sleeping. His nickname “Cuckie” is used throughout the file. The style is sensual, relaxing, inducing a light, pleasant trance. Perfect before bedtime. Can be used as an induction for other hypnosis mp3s – Order your custom hypno mp3 from me on CoutureFemdomClips.com

Duration: 14:46
Contains: crystal-clear, professional quality audio, binaural tones, genuine ericksonian hypnosis.
Do not listen to this file while driving, or operating machinery of any kind, this could be dangerous as this file will induce a state of trance.



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